Handmade, design, made in Italy.

DeboraCarlucci creations are the maximum expression of craftsmanship, design and culture of Made in Italy, key element of recognition of the brand in Italy and abroad. All the articles are hand-made drawing after drawing, detail after detail. Crystal, precious stones and mother-of-pearl are some of best raw materials used. The result is an object of undisputed prestige DeboraCarlucci creation is not only an object. It’s a day of celebration, a surprise, the rustling of a wedding dress the arrival of a new life.


DeboraCarlucci objects are created to be lived.


Our creations.

I Italian style, flexibility, attention to details and quality of raw materials. DeboraCarlucci creations give to the the customer an object containing all the international experience in the gift world and crystal working. From the earth comes the raw material, silicon powder and lead oxide, the force of fire melts the matter and finally, air and water come to give shape and substance to the object.

Here is how come DeboraCarlucci brand creations.