Our furniture is made to last a lifetime, but we also know that with daily life, a little wear and tear will naturally occur. our manuals equip you with the right knowledge to look after your piece, keeping it in tip-top condition for many years of enjoyment.




It is natural for wool to form some minor wrinkles when used, as wool is a stretchy natural material. If wrinkles have formed on your wool fabric, the fabric will contract if you moisten a tea towel with demineralised water, place it on the sofa and heat the tea towel with i.e. an iron at low heat or a hair dryer. Alternatively, you can moisten a tea towel and leave it on the wrinkles overnight. When the wool fabric dries, the wool fibres will contract once again.



Cotton is made from natural fibres that are more sensitive to light and heat. Therefore, it's a good idea not to place the furniture in direct sunlight as it may cause fading over time. Lighter colours fade less than dark colours, so you should consider your colour selection and placement carefully. Look for the level of light fastness that indicate if the fabric can withstand more or less light. The higher the number, the better the fabric can withstand light and heat. 



Press marks may occur on the velour, where the pile has been squashed flat either during transportation or in use. This is quite normal for velour and should not be considered as a defect. To help restore the original surface, you can take a clean, neutral-coloured piece of fabric that is warm and moist and lay it on top of the velour for an hour. The moisture helps to lift the pile again. You can also use a soft brush with distilled water, but be careful not to use too much water. It only needs to be damp. Do not rub the velour. Light stroking is often enough to restore the original surface again.


100% Natural leather 

We only use traceable leather variants to ensure quality and transparency. Our leather comes from cattle and is of the highest quality, and every single piece is meticulously checked for defects, pressure marks and other defects, which ensure that the furniture you take home is of the highest quality.

Please note that when you start using your new furniture, the leather will seem relatively tight. As it is a stretchy, natural material, the leather will expand with use and leave small, natural folds. This will typically happen within the first month, depending on how much you use your furniture. The leather will subsequently expand to a lesser extent.

Every leather hide is unique and may therefore have some natural markings or slight variations in colour.  Our craftsmen utilise the natural grain of the leather when upholstering our furniture and use their skill to reveal the full character and beauty of the material.  In day-to-day use, leather does not require much maintenance; periodic dusting with a soft, dry cloth should suffice.  It is important to avoid placing leather sofas near heat sources or direct light.


Woods / Veneers / Lacquered Surfaces

Our wood and laminate are carefully selected and meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. 

By dusting regularly, the beauty of Natural woods, veneers & lacquered finishes will be preserved. In this way, individual spots on the furniture will in all probability not stick persistently.

To remove stubborn soiling, a small amount of furniture polish should be used in conjunction with a soft humid cloth. Drops of water or alcohol must be quickly wiped away as they can attack the finishes and cause stains. Aggressive cleaning agents should never be used since they generally contain solvents or chemical substances which attack the lacquered finishes or can even damage them irreparably.

Keep wood furniture away from direct sunlight and vents to prevent moisture loss and fading. Use felt on accessories that you place on your furniture for decoration to prevent scratching. Use placemats and coasters under hot and cold items such as plates and glasses to prevent rings in the wood. Always wipe up food and liquid spills immediately. 


Laminate care



FENIX® laminate is an Italian laminate with a soft and sealed surface, which prevents bacteria and dirt from settling on the surface. When you brush your fingers over the silky-soft table top, no prints or streaks are left behind.




HPL laminate is a high-pressure laminate that is incredibly resistant. This makes it ideal for busy homes and has also been tested for public use.