Our Company

Nookliving is a company helps people to create their own living style and improve their life with personality. We are professional in Italia made Modern style Furniture and hoping to give people a creation of their own home with their own thoughts.We always trying to improve our quality and manage the time schedule to meet customers' expectations. "make them happy with their own piece creation" is our mission and we had tried hard to achieve this cross over years.We operate a 8,000 sqft (Total)workshop space at Horizon Plaza .You will "Shock" if you are willing to spend 3 minutes walk try to discuss your wish with our sales consultant who will prove you with unregrettable experience after you have tried our products and services today.

The Pleasure to Imagine

Surprising details. A good mixture of rigour and imagination. Each piece of furniture by Nookliving leaves intentionally space to everyone's life. Wardrobes, tables, beds, bookcases, complementary items for the living and for the night area. The shapes rise from the continuous and stimulant co-operation between the Company and the designers, with a lively curiosity for trends, materials, technologies; and then the ability to express shapes which last longer than trends and give emotions for long time. These pieces become icons of the past and of the present.