La Primavera

Design, style and quality, made in Italy for over 50 years.
La Primavera has produced furnishing accessories since 1968, the year the company was founded by three partners. One of them was Lino Marchi, who later became the sole owner. Since 2002, he has been working alongside his sons, who are living out their father’s dream of maintaining a family-run company, a guarantee of reliability for customers.    
Although La Primavera’s business was initially limited to manufacturing entryway furniture, it subsequently expanded its range to include partition walls, bookcases, sliding doors, expandable console tables, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs.  The numerous collections in the catalogue satisfy the most varied needs and desires. Along with its products suited to contemporary tastes, La Primavera offers the classics, uniting rich style with the purity of the design. The common denominator is the correct balance between aesthetic considerations and practicality.
La Primavera is present in markets worldwide through an extended and widespread network of retailers. One of its competitive advantages is its ability to internally manage design, engineering and production. The rigorous monitoring of all phases of the production chain, from the procurement of materials to the production of each individual item, ensures quality that carries the “made in Italy” seal not only in words, but also through actions.